07-26-2014 UP Northern Lake Michigan:


Port Captain Bill Myers from Deltadawn Charters Reports from Gladstone : Another family from MO. attending the National Fur Trappers convention. Left late due to weather,wind,and rain. Set lines around 8 am with the waves stills around 3 ft. Found fish in 70 to 80 ft. on leadcore and wire dipsies. Then came severe thunderstorms with high winds around 60 mph and hail. We waited out the storm-all's we'll that ends well making it a trip they'll never forget in upper Michigan waters!!!!!!!!! … [Read more...]

07-25-2014 Northern Lake Huron:

Captain Terry Walsh MCBA President from Termar Charters Reports from Au Gres: After essentially three days of stormy/windy weather, some areas of the bay seemed more effected than others in terms of the walleye bite. The Charity Island area reported very poor fishing, as was the case pretty much down the entire eastern side of the bay. Fish were caught, some limit catches, especially in shallow water. The west side of the bay, from Pt. Augres south, faired considerable better. Small boat anglers fishing the 8-10 depths off the Pinconning and Saganine Bars and casting Erie Dearies with crawlers into pockets in the weed beds or reeling in fast above the tops of the weeds were taking good numbers of fish in the 15-18 inch size, along with a few northern pike and catfish. Good reports also came from anglers fishing west of Buoys 1 and 2, near the Red Spark Plug and the sailboat buoys. Spoons trolled behind two colors of lead core were very effective, but anglers were … [Read more...]

07-25-2014 Southern Lake Huron:

Port Capt. Janice Deaton Of J-Lyn Charters Reports from Harbor Beach:   The wind has been making it hard to get out there and fish this week.  Hopefully the rough water will get rid of the dead vegetation film that was coming up from the bottom. It was making a mess of the lures and lines.  If it is still there be patient while you clean it off of your lines, as those fish will not come near your lures with any of it on the lines or lures.  They do not like it either!    Once the wind calms and the waves subside, you will want to try for Salmon and Steelhead in 60 to 150 foot of water, North and straight out from the harbor with spoons off the downriggers and also try some 2,3,5,7,and 10 color lead lines off the Offshore boards.  The bright orange, copper, white with black dots, and gold are good colors to start with.    Try for the Lake Trout South, North, and straight out of the harbor in 80 to 160 foot of water areas, using dodgers with the spin and glows, … [Read more...]

07-24-2014 UP Lake Michigan:


Port Captain Bill Myers from Deltadawn Charters Reports from Gladstone :   Took a break from salmon and fished some walleye today. Tough fishing-lots of bait, no wind, and bright sun. Tried 10 to 15 ft of water with no luck so we moved out to 18 to 25 ft and found some nice eyes pulling cranks. But best of all was the little guy and big cat-what a fight and fun to watch!!!!!! … [Read more...]

07-23-2014 UP Northern Lake Michigan:


Port Captain Bill Myers from Deltadawn Charters Reports from Gladstone : Been pretty busy with the national fur trappers convention in town. I took people from Ga. and Tn. Salmon fishing -another birthday charter. The winds are unforgiving. The two kids from Tn got to land their salmon before mom got chumming! Fish have been coming in 120 to 160ft of water. There is a good steelhead bite going on and the kings are big. Best time seems to be just before sun up on spoons and flys. Cereal Killer meat rigs are working in the mid day. … [Read more...]

Captain John says It’s Perch Time on Lake Erie


According to Captain John on Stray Cat Sportfishing Charters, he reports his first perch fishing trip started off with a bang. "I moved about 8 times to sample different areas and all but a few produced perch. Turtle Island area from 12 to 14 feet of water produced some nice yellow perch with out to much junk fish. I tried a few spots along the Maumee shipping channel with marginal success until I got out to the Platform. We caught lots of perch but lots of small ones. If you get into the white perch don’t waste your bait, move 100 yards or so. Some of the spots in front of Brest Bay in 24 ft of water started off with yellow perch, then the white perch moved in and we had to move. All in all if your not getting them move a little." … [Read more...]

07-21-2014 Lake Erie:

Captain Bruce Curtis from Payable Guide Service Lake Erie: Walleye fishing has been good this past week South of West Sister Island as well as North near the Canadian border. Also walleye have been taken around both the Ohio and Michigan Dumps. Both plugs and spoons are taking fish at medium depths. Perch are being taken on minnows up and down the sides of the Toledo Shipping Channel. Small Mouth Bass fishing has been excellent around the dumps and near shore areas. Drop shots with tube baits seems to be very effective for small mouths. Large mouth bass, crappie and blue gill and channel cat fish are being taken on a variety of baits from the piers and docks all along the Michigan shore. There are a few algae issues but not as bad as in some past years. Fishing has been good. … [Read more...]